And so it begins…

You may be wondering how I ended up here. 

In a gym, listening to people talking about how we’re all going to be running a marathon in 48 weeks. There is no cake, there are no crisps, there is no chocolate, there’s just a bunch of athletic people eager to run until their feet fall off, and then there’s me. The highly acclaimed couch potato, Netflix binge watcher, cake and chocolate connoisseur and sleep expert. Me. 

Well, I’m wondering that too.

Here’s what I learned this evening…

  • Apparently it’s going to be fun!
  • Most injuries are caused by a weak backside, bad shoes or overdoing it (rest days are real, people. I can still snooze my days away whilst benefiting my training. Result!)
  • Boobs have ligaments!!
  • Gel packs can make you heave during a race
  • Sports massages are painful
  • Steve Q’s pins are just as impressive in real life as they are in photos (Steve Q, front, far right, funky T-shirt)
  • We are ALL going to run this marathon in 5 hours. Holy crap
  • The MK Half Marathon has been voted the 2nd best half marathon in the country. That’s pretty awesome

No one has mentioned cake so far. I fail to understand how you can talk about running for 26.2 miles (all the Queen’s fault, apparently) and not have mentioned cake! So, aside from cake-gate, a very useful and informative evening! And, to top it off, we didn’t have to do any running, phewf!