Coventry parkrun, phewf, it were a bit warm, it were

“The Quest for the Sub 40”

I arrived early. As is my thing. Hate being late. Decked out in my Redway Runners Green attire with matching socks, headband & Fitbit strap. I was all set and in my mind I visualised myself leaping around the course like an elegant gazelle. In reality, I probably resembled a large turtle stuck on it’s back trying to right itself but hey, I was here, I was going to give it a go.

It piddled it down for a few minutes, then the sun came out and I began to melt. How people were running this with jackets on, I’ll never know.

I wanted to run the whole way. I haven’t managed to run a full 5K since the end of April. I always seem to end up walking a bit. Today was no different. It was very warm and I was feeling very moist. Eww.

I started off well. Good pace and not dying. I wanted a PB, I had to keep running. But my brain was telling me that a walk was a good idea. If I kept running, I might die, and if I die, I will never eat cake again. So I walked a bit. A bit too much maybe. Then started running again. This cycle occurred 3 times over the 5K. ย On the 3rd occasion I was feeling deflated. The sub 40 quest was no longer a viable option unless I could miraculously run half a kilometre in 2 minutes. One day maybe, but not this day.

Approaching the final bends, the monument in sight I started my final run. And I ran all the way until the finish point. Collected my token. Then remembered to stop the Garmin. All scanned in. Good to go. Need fluid. Need the loo. Need cake.

Checked my emails every 10 minutes after 10:30, ย awaiting the results, did I get a Coventry PB?

Yes!! Yes I did. Because I am that amazing that even in adverse conditions – hot and moist – and even with some walking, I could pull a PB out of the bag.

Cake. The whole reason I do this is for cake. I got cake. I got a slice of fruit cake and a slice of salted caramel cake. Nom!! Thanks Mum, I’ll be visiting you guys again soon for more cake! And running, of course.

6 thoughts on “Coventry parkrun, phewf, it were a bit warm, it were

  1. Well done! It took me nearly three years to get sub-40, but having broken that barrier I’ve improved and now did 35:57 on Saturday! Next quest – sub-35! (Impossible!!)


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