A brief history…

  • 14th Jan 2017 – Started with the Redway Runners beginners group led by the indomitable Steve B on Saturday mornings


  • 13th Mar 2017 – ran my first 5K solo, no walking. An outstanding 49:54, 9:58/km!


  • 18th Mar 2017 – graduated the beginners course (MK parkrun) with an improved time of  46:21, 9:03/km. I ate cake. That was a good day. Kudos to Mike B for being my running buddy, words of wisdom and all round encouragement.  Did I mention that I ate cake?
  • 27th Mar 2017 – sub 9:00/km pace 5k achieved


  • 30th Mar 2017 – 5.8km increased distance, improved pace 49:42, 8:29/km


  • 1st Apr 2017 – MK parkrun PB, 42:57, 8:52/km



  • 30th Apr – MK Rocket 5K – my first official race with bling and a 5K PB! 41:10, 8:09/km


  • 13th May – MK parkrun PB 41:30, 8:26/km

This weekend sees the return to Coventry parkrun where another PB will be attempted! Hopefully, there will be cake too.

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